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Fixed Rate Portfolio

US$ & JA$ Denominated


Part of the Multiple Portfolio Fund approved by the FSC (Offering Circular)

JAD Fixed Rate Portfolio Fact Sheet

USD Fixed Rate Portfolio Fact Sheet

What is the Barita Unit Trusts Fixed Rate Portfolio?

The Barita Unit Trusts Fixed Rate Portfolio is similar to a mutual fund and allows investors to take advantage of investment opportunities in a wide variety of instruments. This product targets high net worth corporate and individual clients who may have liquidity requirements and short to medium term investment horizons.

The Portfolio can accommodate investments in JA$ and US$ with investments in high grade interest bearing instruments such as:

  • Government paper
  • Corporate paper
  • Bank of Jamaica instruments
  • Preference Shares
  • Promissory Notes

Why invest in the Barita Unit Trusts Fixed Rate Portfolio?

  • This Portfolio pays a fixed rate of return specified at the time the investment is created.
  • Investments will be for fixed terms of 30, 60, 90, 180 or 360 days. Different levels of investments will carry different default rates; however, a client may negotiate a rate.
  • This Portfolio can provide a hedge against devaluation for investments in foreign currency instruments.
  • The Portfolio is professionally managed to maximize the greatest returns to investors.
  • Investors benefit from pooling to earn competitive interest rates.
  • Monies are invested in a Fund that is governed and secured by a Trust Deed.

Are the funds safe?

Barita Investments Limited, the parent company of Barita Unit Trusts Management Company Limited is listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange and is licensed by the Financial Services Commission. Assets in Barita’s Unit Trusts Fixed Rate Portfolio are held by an independent Trustee – CIBC FirstCaribbean International Securities Limited, as prescribed by the Trust Deed.

Under the Trust Deed, the investments and cash must be registered in the name of and held by the Trustee on behalf of the unit holders. This means that investors monies are 100% segregated from Barita as well as CIBC FirstCaribbean International Securities Limited.

How does it work?

  • You purchase a minimum of 100 units in the Barita Unit Trusts Fixed Rate Portfolio.
  • The minimum initial investment is JA$5,000,000 or US$ 50,000.
  • Long Term Savings Accounts (LSA's) will not be allowed.
  • Maturity
    1. Investments will mature automatically on the respective maturity dates and the client will receive principal plus interest less taxes, if any, in the form of Units. The Units can be cashed immediately, or rolled over into the Principal as is now done for REPOs.
    2. For early maturities, or where a client chooses to break the investment, a penalty may be deducted from the accrued interest for the current investment period, and the client will receive the balance of interest in the form of units.
    3. If the maturity date falls on a weekend or holiday, the date will be set to the next working day.
  • Withdrawal/Encashment
    • Clients may make withdrawals from the Portfolios, either as a result of regular maturity or early maturity, where a penalty may apply. Please note that the minimum balance of JA$5,000,000 and US$50,000 should be maintained.
  • Roll-Over
    • Matured amounts which have not been en-cashed, will be rolled over for another term, and the rate and term of the re-invested amount may be changed prior to rolling.
  • Confirmation Contract
    1. A contract, in a letter form will be generated and emailed to investors in the Barita Unit Trust Fixed Rate Portfolios only showing:
      1. Investment Amount
      2. Rate
      3. Term
      4. A List of Investments of the top five (5) instruments held by the Trustee of the Fund.
    2. Confirmation Statements will automatically be emailed to clients on maturity dates. Clients without emails, please notify us.
    3. Statements requested for un-matured investments will show the gross accrued gains to the date of the statement.

How do I open a Barita Unit Trusts Fixed Rate Portfolio Account?

  • Complete and sign a:
    • Application Form
    • Client Agreement Form
  • Provide the following:
    • Individual
      • Valid ID
      • Tax Registration Number (TRN)
      • Two References
      • Proof of Address
      • FATCA Self-Certification Form
    • Company
      • Valid ID which bears a photograph of Directors and/or Signing Officers
      • Signatures of Directors or Signing Officers for the Company
      • Certificate of Incorporation
      • Articles and Memorandum or Association/Articles of Incorporation
      • Resolution of Directors and Officers
      • Company TRN
      • Completed Corporate Profile

With a highly dedicated team of professionals, Barita is committed to serving its customers island wide. Come in and talk with one of our Investment Advisors today!

Barita Unit Trusts

Fund Fund Composition Buying & Selling 12 Month Growth Rate YTD Growth Rate Yield (Est. Yrly Income)
Capital Growth E/F 53.10 6.61 4.22 -
Money Market F 13.5692 2.40% 0.82% 1.14%
Income Portfolio F 100.00 - - 3.86%
FX Bond Portfolio (US$) F 1.2498 3.60% 0.11% 2.80%
Real Estate Portfolio R/F 6782.41 23.31% -6.44% -
FX Growth Portfolio (US$) E/F 1.0141 7.50% 4.43% -
JAD Fixed Rate Portfolio F 100.00 - - 2.31%
USD Fixed Rate Portfolio F 1.0000 - - 2.50%