Our Story

Who we are

We are the future of money. We are financial gamechangers. We’re here to revolutionize wealth accessibility with smarter tech, teams and interactions.

Barita MoneyIQ

We talk about Barita MoneyIQ because it’s at the core of why we do what we do, and HOW we win. MoneyIQ means staying ahead of the curve, growing wealth with confidence, consistency and creativity.

We believe in empowering our customers with knowledge, enhanced earnings and custom-crafted plans for their best financial outcomes.

When we say we ‘Make your money work for you’, we mean it.

Always have. Always will.

Barita: Built to Win

Barita knows money. We’ve proven it for over 40 years. Our MoneyIQ is about applying the best of tech, Intel and industry insight to develop real solutions and build real wealth. We Excel in:

Equities Trading

Fixed Income Securities

Foreign Currency Trading

Asset Management

Unit Trusts Fund Management

Top Investment Outcomes


We will revolutionize your relationship with money

Changing the investing paradigm across the industry, elevating client experiences through innovation, compelling investment options, and purposeful customer engagement


Staying ahead, growing wealth

We are ahead of the pack in the industry, using technology and information to stay on the cutting edge of delivering a frictionless customer experience and growing wealth for our clients and stakeholders

Barita plays to win

We’re just getting started. Once, the Barita name was reserved for an investment house. But we’ve grown. And now we’re watching a world of opportunities unfold under the banner of the Barita Group of Companies, owned and operated by Cornerstone.

But wherever we go and however we grow as a company, it’s important to understand the Barita DNA.

We are Barita. And we’re the Future of Money.

Meet The Team

Barita MoneyIQ: Money-Making Rules that WORK

It may not have always had this name, but MoneyIQ has always been at the centre of Barita’s impeccable wealth-building track record.

So, what IS Barita MoneyIQ? It’s the secret to our winning edge. It’s how we use what we know to change the world. It:

  • Defines our business edge
  • Informs where we go next with advice, products & services
  • Empowers clients
  • Makes money for everyone involved
  • Keeps us on top, with 22,000 clients and over $90 Billion under management.

With our team of analysts and advisors, board members and brokers, Barita is the ultimate Financial BrainTrust. We believe in data. We believe in technology. We believe in staying ahead of the curve, with cutting-edge industry insight, intel and innovation.

We might not know the future, but that’s not stopping us from shaping it and designing the very best outcomes for our clients.
Our collective genius is our superpower.

That’s Barita MoneyIQ.

Let's make your money work for you