Barita Heroes

You are a Future-Builder. And that makes you a Hero.

Every Dollar Makes A Difference

Barita salutes our heroes. All our heroes. And that includes YOU. While there are those on the frontlines saving lives and serving communities, new types of heroes are emerging everyday.

Every investment you make helps build our economy and local businesses, every contributor is an economic hero. We’d like to reward your contributions to our nation’s economic recovery with the Barita Stimulus.

Commission FREE First-Time Investments

The Barita Stimulus is designed to help more of your money do important work in our stock market.

First-Time Investors

Receive no commission deducted from your funds on your first investment of up to $250,000.*

Barita Clients

For our existing clients, simply refer a new customer to us. Once they invest a minimum of $50,000 you can benefit from:

  • 50% reduction in equity commission rates on your next transaction up to $250,000^

  • Reduction in commitment fees to 0.5% for loans up to $2M*

*Applicable for purchasing of stocks made in our branches through the Jamaica Stock Exchange with a minimum of $30,000. All other taxes and fees are still eligible to be paid by the client. Conditions apply.
^ 50% reduction of in-branch commission fee to 1%.

2020 Equity Fund Performance

Get in on the action! Discover other opportunities like Equity Funds that can contribute to your portfolio’s overall performance.

Both our Capital Growth Fund and FX Growth Fund grew from a low in March to December 31st 2020.

CAPITAL GROWTH $69.3772 (AS AT MARCH 25) $84.86936 22.33%
FX GROWTH $0.7806 (AS AT MARCH 23) $0.99479 27.44%

Become A Better Investor

Get FREE access to the most recent market updates with exclusive Barita analyst insights, and a snapshot of stock performance in our Investor’s Playbook.

You help build up our country. Let us help build you up too.