FX Income Accumulator

Low risk. High Rewards.

Designed for the savvy investor looking to maximize USD gains in a JMD market, this Fund outstrips other options. Managed by Barita’s best, the Fund navigates USD instruments for high performance with relatively low risk. The terms run 5 years or shorter, and offers reasonable liquidity throughout. That means your money works for your future goals but can also serve your immediate needs if necessary. 

What's in Barita’s FX Income Accumulator Portfolio?

Agility. Security. Liquidity. These are three of the key features of our newly designed FX Income Accumulator.

Low risk
Our expert team will help you make informed trades with a lower risk of loss.

Increased Profits
Our portfolio is designed to help you make the most out of your investments, resulting in higher profits and greater success.

Think beyond the local market, think FX.

Take control of your financial future. Our FX Income Accumulator adds benefits that can outpace strictly local investments. Get started with us today. 

Invest in FX the Smart Way