Life takes money. Barita gets it.

While your investment works for you, you can borrow what you need with the Smart Loan.

Making money is what we do best, that includes making sure your money has the best chance of optimising our investment strategies. In an ideal world, that means not dipping into your investments when life demands a little extra. That’s why we have the BARITA Smart Loan



Borrow funds against your investments with us. We offer competitive interest rates and up to 5 years to pay.

This allows your principal to keep doing what we want it to do:
make you more money.

Loan Amount Tenure Fixed Income Linked Equity Linked
    Monthly Payment Monthly Payment
J$100,000.00 3 Years J$3,450.00 J$3,500.00
J$500,000.00 5 Years J$10,950.00 J$11,200.00
J$1,000,000.00 5 Years J$21,700.00 J$22,500.00

*N.B. Conditions Apply

Minimum repayment period: 1 month • Maximum repayment period: 5 years

For as little as what you would spend with a night out with friends, or that monthly manicure, you can get the money you need while your investments continue to grow.


Use our Barita Online platform to start the application process for a Smart Loan. Sign in at and select the desired amount based on your investment.

Get A Barita Smart Loan

Borrow what you need, while your investment continues to grow