Bridal Registry

Walk down the aisle in style

So, you’re thinking about getting married. Congratulations! Let Barita build your roadmap to Happily Ever After. A Barita Bridal Registry is a brilliant way to get started on funding all your future adventures together.

First comes love. Then comes life.

Gifts are great. A good start together is even better. Barita believes in designing the life you want to live. That’s why we’ve created a Bridal Registry.

Your guests contribute cash to help pave your path. Then Barita MoneyIQ maximizes every dollar to meet your goals along the way.

So skip the pots and pans. Build towards your life plans with a Barita Bridal Registry.

The Barita Bridal Registry difference

Barita MoneyIQ maximizes your wins

Your unique goals motivate us to create unique plans for your personal succes

Barita builds wealth

We’ve been doing this for over 40 years. All profit. No loss. Our track record for financial genius has always meant intel, insight and higher-than-average earned returns. And it always will.

Barita is Secure

A fund that is governed and secured by a Trust Deed, making it 100% secure.

Barita is here for you

Everything we do is about getting YOU closer to your best financial life. Let us build your way to win from Day One.

Don’t settle for glitter.
Go for the gold.

Get ready for the rest of your lives with a Barita Bridal Registry.

Barita MoneyIQ helps build every dollar gifted into the funds that feed your future. Buy a home. See the world. Start a family. There’s a plan for every adventure when you begin a Barita Bridal Registry.