Plan For Retirement

Work hard. Retire easy.

You’ve worked hard to get here. Let your retirement plan take you the rest of the way.

Work-free. Worry-free.

After retirement comes everything else. Plan enough money to manage your day-to-day, while still exploring life.

This is where Barita MoneyIQ comes in. Let Barita calculate how much you’ll need to maintain your current lifestyle and even add some new future goals.

Retirement comes at the end of a long road.

Let Barita take you the rest of the way.

Barita Builds the Winning Retirement Plans

Barita MoneyIQ maximizes your wins

Your unique goals motivate us to create unique plans for your personal success.

Barita builds wealth

We’ve been doing this for over 40 years. All profit. No loss. Our track record for financial genius has always meant intel, insight and higher-than-average earned returns. And it always will.

Barita is Secure

A fund that is governed and secured by Trustees, making it 100% secure.

Barita believes in your future

Retirement shouldn’t stress you out more than working did. We’re committed to calculating the best way to build a retirement plan that goes the distance.

Retirement ahead?
We’re by your side

Get the retirement plan that keeps up. Barita builds blueprints that protect your vision of retirement. Getting started is easy.


Don’t have a pension plan yet?
We have a range of options to suit your needs.


Already have a pension, but doubt it will be enough?
Let’s talk. We can calculate the costs and customize an investment portfolio to add that extra cushion.