Market Concerns

Will the Coronavirus Make My Portfolio Sick?

No need for doom and gloom

Given concerns about the COVID-19 virus, do you have fears about how the markets will fear in the medium to long run? Stock market history says that there’s no need for doom and gloom.

The Plan

Every year there is something happening that could make you apprehensive about investing in the stock market. But certain principles stand the test of time.

In difficult markets there often are gems

Declining markets present opportunities to find quality investments at discounted prices. Our fund managers are always looking for the best value in order to achieve longterm growth in your investments; while navigating the uncertainty of difficult times. Speak to an investment advisor about which opportunities are available and best suited to you.

Diversification is key

There are some investments that are more resilient in hard times. Talk to your investment advisor to find the best sectors to be in during a crisis.

Remember your overall investment goals and pay less attention to short-term market movements

Stay invested in good times and bad

Listen to Ferris Jackson, Portfolio Manager -Global Equities speak about the impact of the Coronavirus on the local and global equities market.

What does Coronavirus Mean for FX Growth and Cap Growth?

  • We have seen similar market activities like this before on the international scene.
  • Following on historical trends, once an indication for a potential vaccination is created, markets tend to rebound significantly.
  • Clients should maintain their current investments in the funds.
  • Our Unit Trust Managers are proactive in ensuring minimal impact on portfolios, while providing risk-adjusted returns.

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