Preserve Your Wealth

It’s your money. Keep it strong.

You set a wealth goal. We get you to it. But once you’re there, what comes next?  Welcome to Barita MoneyIQ. It’s our system of constantly evaluating the best options to ensure your wealth is performing at peak. Let’s strategize the best plan for your personal ‘wealth way forward’.

Wealth & Legacy. Let's build both

Your wealth is one thing. Your legacy is another. At Barita, we believe in building both. Let us apply Barita MoneyIQ to developing your unique path to wealth that endures and a legacy that lasts.

Your world. Your way.

Retirement Done Right

Retire like you mean it. Let Barita MoneyIQ help you build the retirement plan that covers every goal, mission or dream you have between now and whatever comes next.

Savvy Investment Adjustment

Ready to switch investment gears? We can do that too. We can gear down on high-risk investments and find the risk level that works for who you are now, and what you want to achieve.

Legacy Building

When that high-energy hustle mellows into your view of the future, it’s time to make stronger moves towards building a legacy. Make an impact in the lives of the people you’re thinking about. Barita can help you build the legacy you deserve.

Let Us Plan Together

We’re excited to work with you to customize every phase of your journey towards wealth and beyond. “One size fits all” has never been your way. And it’s never been ours. You deserve a plan as unique as you are. It’s time to put a Barita plan in place for wherever you are now, and wherever you’re going.

Build the world you want. Build it with Barita.