FX Bond Portfolio

Global markets. Personal wealth.

The world is yours. And Barita brings you the best of it with our foreign exchange (FX) bonds.

Barita harnesses the might of the FX market by analyzing trends, sharpening strategies and expertly timing our moves. This is Barita MoneyIQ at work, a system that taps into the collective brilliance of our analysts, agents and game changers to maximize your wealth.

Invest in our foreign currency instruments and watch your USD outperform the market.

What’s in the Barita’s FX Bond Portfolio?

  • Local government securities
  • Sovereign government securities
  • Local institutions of A-Grade rating
  • Corporate enterprises of A-Grade rating

I'm Ready to Get Started

It's easy to get started with the Barita FX Bond - just choose a payment method from any of these options:

  • Salary Deductions

    from your employer

  • Personal Checks

    payable to Barita Unit Trusts Management Co. Ltd

  • Our ‘Debit Invest’ Facility

    paying by debit card up to max. JA$150,000 for USD conversion

  • Cash

    up to maximum JA$100,000 at any Barita location

Build wealth. Buy FX Bond.

There’s a world of possibilities in FX Bonds. Cash in and grow your wealth. Barita MoneyIQ applies insight, intel and the human touch to design your winning path through the FX market.

Let’s amplify your FX life today.

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