Fixed Income

Rock solid. Rock steady.

Funds paid out on a fixed schedule: that’s the beauty of Barita’s Fixed Income investments.

Our strategically selected bonds help investors outsmart inflation and build a steady income stream that can pay out at regular intervals.

Take care of tomorrow: Design your Fixed Income portfolio today.

Bank of Jamaica is the primary dealer of Fixed Income investment opportunities.

Barita’s key focuses are:

  • Government of Jamaica Treasury Bills
  • Retail Repurchase Agreements
  • $US Denominated Bonds

Our other Fixed Income Activities Include:

  • Trading in Commercial Paper
  • Trading in Bank Deposits
  • Trading in US$ Securities
  • Marketing Foreign Denominated Securities

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Fixed Income Investments.
Unstoppable potential.

You can’t predict the future. But you can protect it.

Optimize your outlook and your outcomes with Barita’s Fixed Income options. It’s the smartest, easiest way to build your portfolio, boost income and plan for a stable future.

Build a brighter tomorrow. Start or boost your Barita Fixed Income Investment portfolio today.

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