Plan for Education

Education Pays. So do we.

We make your money work for you. That’s our promise and our platform. Barita MoneyIQ can create the kind of plan that prepares you for all the investment a solid education can take. Whether you’re planning for your children, or preparing to level up yourself, Barita makes it happen.

Fund The Future

Your child is going places. Wherever that is, let’s get the plans in place to get them there in style. J$5,000 or USD150 is all it takes to start.

Then Barita MoneyIQ applies every tip, trick or tool of the trade to grow your money faster. That includes our Tuition Builder Tool. It’s easy to start, easy to build, and easy to win.

We don’t just believe your children are the future…we make it happen.

Tomorrow begins today.

Crayons today. College tomorrow.

Let Barita help make planning for college simple.


Work Backwards:

Take this short quiz to calculate what college will cost by the time your child is ready.

Where will your child attend college?

When will your child attend college?


Your child’s annual tuition in 2020


Let us Build a plan to match

Barita uses MoneyIQ to help draft the best plan for your target and timeline.

Barita Tuition Builder Plans Work because

They’re custom-built

We design plans that work with your specific budget and your specific timelines.

Barita is secure

A fund that is governed and secured by a Trust Deed, making it 100% secure.

Barita MoneyIQ maximizes your wins

We put the best of our insight, intel and team to work, giving you the ability to compound and earn competitive interest rates.

Barita builds wealth

We’ve been doing this for over 40 years. All profit. No loss. Our track record for financial genius has always meant intel, insight and higher-than-average earned returns. And it always will.

Barita means strong opportunities

The Barita BrainTrust is who we are as a team, as a business and as a board. Together, we offer the best in industry intel, analysis and commercial insight. That includes investment access to local government securities, sovereign government securities, local A-Grade institutions and A-Grade corporate enterprises.

So smart, it’s a no brainer.

Barita outsmarts inflation

Inflation can chisel away at your money. But we’re smarter than that. Barita MoneyIQ helps us strategize to maintain value and grow wealth.

Ready for college? So are we.

Barita Money IQ means applying the best of our team, technology and insight to craft the perfect plan to meet your goals. That includes making sure your customized Tuition Builder is designed for your personal tuition target AND your timelines.

Brilliance is in your DNA. Money is in ours.