Building wealth is what Barita does best.

Our track record speaks for itself. 42 years without a single year in loss. The Jamaica Stock Exchange’s (JSE) top performer AND the leading Equity Fund. Top pick for brokers, billionaires and even Bloomberg.

We’re ready to put all of that to work for you. We’ve been the safest, strongest and best in the investment game for a long time. We’re excited to prove it to you. Getting started is very simple.


Here’s a quick snapshot of what it takes to open your Barita account.


Individual Account

  • Valid Photo ID – Driver’s licence, Passport, National ID
  • TRN (JA residents) / Social security (US residents) / National Insurance (UK/Canadian residents)
  • Two (2) references for each account holder (adult) – Employer, JP, Minister of Religion, Doctor, Lawyer, Inspector of Police, current Barita client
  • Proof of address – Recent light, water or telephone bill
  • Completed & signed client agreement form
  • Source of funds – source of funds being used to open the account as well as (projected) source of future investments.
  • Proof of income (if not supported by source of funds)- two recent payslips, job letter, self-employed verification
  • Completed Road Map & Road Map Exception Form
  • Where a minor (cannot be primary) is to be added to the account
    • Birth Certificate
    • Valid picture identification or notarized picture
    • TRN


Company Account

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Articles and Memorandum of Association/Articles of Incorporation
  • Resolution of Directors and Officers
  • Completed & signed client agreement form
  • Company TRN
  • Signatories of Directors or Signing Officers for the Company
  • Completed Corporate Profile
  • Valid Identification which bears a photograph for all Directors and/or Signing Officers – Passport, Driver’s License, National ID
  • TRN for all signatories or signing officers – if not using a Jamaican Drivers License
  • Proof of Address for all signatories or signing officers – most recent Utility Bill -light, water or telephone or Bank or Credit Card Statement
  • Source of Funding – Audited Financials or statement of accounts
  • Tax Compliant Certificate


Let's Make Your Money Work For You