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The Barita G.P.S. or the Barita Goal-setting Products & Services is engineered to help more people make more money in more ways than ever before.

We've developed a fleet of products to serve even more investors in even more spaces.

Your Journey. Your Way.

How does Barita G.P.S. work?

No two wealth journeys are the same. The first thing we need to do is define your path: where are you headed and how do you want to get there?

Your investment profile will help us match you to the product or plan that will serve you best.

We Meet YOUR evolving needs

This means careful analysis of the market and of our offerings to ensure that you are getting what you need to achieve your wealth goals in ways that are faster and smarter than ever.

Deliver solutions that matter

We can only do that if what we create for YOU actually delivers what you need. We will always work hard to design and redesign everything we do to deliver the outcome you expect from us.

Barita G.P.S. Products

Your Journey. Your Way.
FX Income Accumulator

The US$ Denominated FX Accumulator is here!

Designed for the savvy investor looking for a relatively safe and steady USD gains in an environment that can often be characterized as having high volatility.

The maximum duration or term for the portfolio is designed to be no more than approximately 5 years, with a mix of high quality assets that will exhibit the benefits of diversification and professional management. This means that your money works for you, without exhibiting the wild swings characteristic of riskier investments.

You're ready to build real wealth.
Our Real Estate Portfolio is ready to build with you.
The Real Estate Portfolio

You can buy property. Or you can boost profits with pooled Real Estate funds.

The Barita Real Estate Unit Trust unlocks stronger deals by pooling resources and using this collective investment to land bigger ownership and development opportunities.

Let's help you diversify and build your portfolio

Let's Make Your Money Work For You