Barita Smart Advance

Borrow today without derailing tomorrow

Building wealth is important. So is being able to access funds when you need them. Why choose?

Barita’s Smart Advance brings the best of both worlds. Borrow cash against your Barita investments. Your investment keeps growing, while you get the cash you need at competitive repayment terms.

Good for now. Good for later.

Get the cash you need without compromising your investments. That’s just one way the Barita Smart Advance wins. Plus:

We're Competitive

Our interest rate is as low as 9.50%. Plus you can borrow up to 90% of your Barita Fixed Income Investments and 30% of some Equity investments.

We're On Your Side

We work hard to design practical, everyday wins while still building and protecting your wealth.

We're Fast

We process loans within 24 hours

We're Accommodating

We give you up to 5 years to repay loans.

Life happens. Barita’s Smart Advance helps.

Wealth is a long-term goal. For every other situation, there's a Barita Smart Advance to help.