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Our Vision

Jamaican youth having equitable access to education, learning resources and financial facilities enabling the wholistic development of individuals and communities

Our Mission

To contribute to national development goals by supporting partnerships in education, youth, entrepreneurship and the democratisation of wealth in order that Jamaica may achieve our Vision 2030 goals: Jamaica a place of choice to live, work, raise families, do business and retire


Building the future is the bedrock of Barita’s vision.
That means more than wealth. It means education, opportunity and access to the resources that make it all possible. Barita Foundation is about bringing that vision to Jamaica's youth.

We’re here to equip tomorrow’s leaders with what it takes to shape the future they deserve. With our focus on education and financial literacy, we’re here to help democratise opportunities and wealth. We’re creating a Jamaica built on confident, empowered youth.

Tomorrow’s progress is in good hands.
We’re doing our part to make sure of that.

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We’ve identified key pillars that bolster our endeavours and keep our efforts focused. The Barita Education Foundation has evolved to become the Barita Foundation. Nevertheless, education- and all the access and opportunities it can bring- remains one of our core objectives. We recognise that education has evolved, along with what is required to safeguard its success, and are working to support learning across a changing educational landscape.

Education & Youth Development

  • Creating equity in access, resources and mobility in order to contribute meaningfully to the growth and diversification of Jamaica’s education
  • Leading the charge in creating dynamic opportunities for young people to gain and grow through financial literacy


  • Revolutionizing views on investments and creating wealth
  • Creating opportunities for small enterprise development and expansion

Health & Wellbeing

  • Promoting a wholistic approach to financial literacy that connects education, access to financial tools and a healthy state of mind
  • Supporting causes that promote active, healthy lifestyles, while curating spaces for mental well-being
  • Donations through Charitable Giving

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The Barita Foundation has always had youth development at its heart. Our Foundation began to take shape shortly after the Friends of St. Martin de Porres started an intervention programme at the St. Martin de Porres Primary School in Gordon Town.

Finding sustainable ways to strengthen and support the school body was a hallmark of their efforts. When the Barita Education Foundation assumed responsibility for the programme in 2004, it built its platforms on the same ideals: young people deserved every opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.

As academic requirements have evolved, so have the Foundation’s strategies. Beginning with our Mentoring and Monitoring programmes, which saw them having an active presence in schools with teacher support, intervention programmes and school visits, the Barita Education Foundation, now known as the Barita Foundation, has expanded into educational spaces in the digital world and beyond.

Now our mission to engage and empower youth means creating programmes that support them across our key strategic pillars such as Entrepreneurship, Health and Wellbeing alongside our evolving Education and Youth Development initiatives. We want to help foster generations of young people who are equipped with the knowledge and opportunities that lead to financial confidence, wellness and the capacity to shape their futures.

We’re proud to partner with those who share our vision for Jamaica’s youth.

The Foundation’s Impact on Early Childhood Education

Over 31 schools in vulnerable communities introduced to the programme

184 teachers trained

4000+ students exposed to literacy & numeracy principles

1128 parents engaged


We’re looking forward to partnering with you, answering your questions or finding new ways to work together to support Jamaican youth and the future we envision.

Reach out via email at

Or call us at (876) 926-2681

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