FX Trading / Cambio

Global reach. Global wealth.

Trading your money across currencies can boost your outcomes. Barita’s FX Traders apply MoneyIQ to find you the best rates in the business for moving your money across global markets.

FX Trading

Barita is a licensed Cambio dealer. We’re authorized by the Bank of Jamaica to buy and sell foreign currency. We trade primarily in:

  • United States Dollars
  • Canadian Dollars
  • Great Britain Pounds
  • Euros

There’s no limit to what your money can do when we take it to the world.

Learn more about what FX markets can do today:

The Barita FX Growth Portfolio can accelerate your growth in the FX Market.

The world is yours. And Barita brings you the best of it with our foreign exchange (FX) bonds.

At Barita Wealth we believe a trusted advisor should always be on your side.

Barita Wealth is focused on providing investment management advice and solutions to high-net-worth individuals, families, corporates, foundations, and institutions. Our boutique model gives us the ability to tailor a fully integrated wealth management plan based on your individual needs. We work towards your financial goals through cultivated solutions across diversified equity, debt, fixed income, and foreign exchange solutions, whilst managing risk and cash flow needs to enhance your lifestyle.