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Wisynco Group: Barita On the Go Titans of Industry

‘Wata’ is so ubiquitous you’ve probably just taken it for granted, but on this episode of Barita on the Go, we give you insight into how much effort is made to deliver your Wata, and a host of other products in Wisynco’s “blue ocean.”

Jamaica 2019-2020 Budget

There’s been a lot of buzz around the Finance Minister’s recent budget presentation in Parliament. Wondering what some of the highlights were? That’s our focus on this episode of Barita on the Go.

Michael Lee-Chin – Barita On The Go – Part 1

Want to know the secret to wealth creation? Is there a secret formula? Well if anybody knows it, it would be a man born poor in Port Antonio, in 1951, to a teenage, unemployed mother, who rose to sit atop the summit of Jamaican business.

Michael Lee Chin Part 2 – Barita On The Go

When it comes to the Titan of Titans, there’s too much to say for one sitting. Join us for Part 2 with Michael Lee-Chin, where we discuss the potential of Port Antonio, how well Jamaica’s stock market has done and more.

Michael Lee- Chin Dogmas for Success – Barita On The Go

We followed billionaire Michael Lee-Chin as he spoke with a number of young entrepreneurs at the Youth Innovation Labs. In this Barita On The Go: Extra hear about his dogmas for success and ways he is encouraging our youth to develop their software and entrepreneurial skills.

S&G Road Surfacing Ltd: Barita On The Go – Titans of Industry

“Have you seen all the road work taking place across the country? This week we take you to one of the companies that makes it happen! Watch James A Godfrey of S&G Road Surfacing Ltd. speak about the opportunities in this sector.

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