I am interested in investing in the stock market, but I don’t know anything about it?

The Jamaica Stock Market is the link between companies needing capital and Jamaicans with money to invest. Before investing you should:

  • Seek professional advice
  • Understand the risk involved
  • Decide on the company/companies to invest in.

The minimum amount of shares you can purchase in a company is 100 units, and each share price is different. The return you receive on your investment depends on:

  • An upward movement in share price
  • A demand for that particular stock by other investors
  • The amount of dividends the company decides to pay out

What charges are associated with stock transactions?

Approximately 3% is deducted from the principal invested or received.

What do I need to open an Equity account?

Individuals seeking to open an account will need to complete and sign a Client Agreement form (available online or at our offices) and provide us with a copy of their TRN#, a valid ID (driver’s license or passport), two (2) references, proof of address and the sum of money to be invested.

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