Individual Retirement Scheme

A retirement plan as individual as you are

An Individual Retirement Scheme (IRS) can be a great way to start building your dream retirement now. Interested?

This could be right for you if:

  • You’re a JA Resident.
  • You’re Self-Employed, Ages 18-63
  • Your Company doesn’t offer an approved pension plan
  • You want Tax-Deductible benefits
  • You want a Long-Term, Secure Investment

How Much Do I Need To Contribute?

  • When you choose a Barita IRS, you’re choosing the secure, easiest way to provide for your future retirement.

    You can contribute up to 20% of your annual income into the plan, with a required minimum of J$1,000 per month or J$10,000 per annum.

  • What Happens If I Can’t Contribute For A While?

    Life happens. It doesn’t stop our process. Your funds will still continue to grow as unit values increase, even if you stop contributing.

  • How Can I Contribute?

    It’s easy. Simply set up salary deductions, pre-authorized payments or pay directly at any Barita location.

  • Is My Money Secure?

    100%. The fund is monitored by trustees and held in a separate account which makes the investments secure.

How Does My Money Grow?

We make your money work for you. It’s just what we do. Once we know your investment style, you choose what makes you most comfortable.

  • I like to play it safe: 100% Fixed Income Securities
  • I like to go hard: 100% Equities
  • I like a mix of both: 50% Fixed Income Securities/ 50% Equities
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Start my Individual Retirement Scheme

Tomorrow begins today. Get ready for the future with Barita