Investment Banking

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You work hard. With Barita, your money works harder. Get the financial support you need to take your business to the next level with Barita’s Investment Banking.

When we say the Barita BrainTrust has your back, we mean our board of industry Titans and our team of advisors, analysts and brokers know exactly what it takes to win in business.

Let's grow your business today. Together.

Business development. Capital. Debt management.
We’re action. We’re assets. We’re your winning path to success.

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Your business is our business. Your success defines ours. So let Barita help you build the business you deserve, with:

Advisory Services

With Barita MoneyIQ, our specialists are always one step ahead of the game. Let us help you with market trends, timing and insights, financial analysis, and a complete working capital evaluation and toolkit.

Debt Raising

You need money? We'll help make that happen by structuring strategic debt transactions. Let us analyze and prepare the best debt instruments to boost liquidity, private debt underwriting, including secured and unsecured notes, income tax legislation and more.

Equity Raising

When it's time to scale up, it's time to explore equity. Whether through Private or Public transactions, we're ready to help you raise the funds to reinvest in your business through equity financing.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Change can be challenging. Barita makes it better. We handle the complexities involved in mergers, acquisitions, restructuring and divestitures from analysis to initiation, valuation to completion.

Our team has completed over 92 transactions globally.



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EQUITY Transactions


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How our Investment Banking stands out

We’re Strategic

We explore the best combination of solutions to bring you the best options for your business liquidity

We’re Savvy

Barita MoneyIQ supports our precision-timing in analyzing and executing key market moves.

We’re A Sure Thing

We have a track record that proves that Barita MoneyIQ works. We’ve been at the top of the game for years. A Barita win is a win for your business too.

Do business like you mean it

Accelerate your business growth the Barita way. Let Barita boost your business performance today.