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CRACK THE JSE IN 1-2-3 with Barita

Our stock brokerage and research centre are the engines of our money machine. Barita MoneyIQ is the driving force. Our team works with strategy, insight, and vision. We research, analyze data, read market trends and navigate the market to guarantee that our customers win.

We’re not just players. We’re game changers.

And we’re ready to change your financial life.

“Jamaican stocks have surged almost 300 percent, more than quadrupling the next-best-performing national benchmark and septupling the S&P 500’s advance.”

— Bloomberg Businessweek, Jan 18, 2019

Barita Builds Smart Investors

We’re the best at what we do. And what we do is make you money.

That comes with a specialized knowledge of not just the JSE, but stock markets in Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago too.

We’re more than happy to share what we know with local, regional and global market research and reports, trading alerts, or long-term forecasts.

Level up, investor. We've got you covered.

Stock Market Smarts. Stock Market Wins.

Barita MoneyIQ is our unique system of tech, insight and intel. It means our team has what it takes to support your stock market moves at any level. From Investment Pro to Market Newbie, you can access top tech, tips and tools to maximise your market wins. Make more money. Make it with Barita.

Welcome to the Stock Market.

This is where fortunes are made. Your fortunes.

How? Well, winning the stock market is built on a two part process: Profits & Predictions.

When a company goes public, the money from their IPO is re-invested into optimizing the business and maximizing profits. However, the market’s predictions about how successful this company will be can also affect how the stocks play out in the market. The profits companies make and the predictions the market makes about their potential success combine to contribute to how their shares play in the stock market.

It might seem intimidating, but winning the stock market game comes down to being able to read both the companies and the market, and to perfectly time when to buy or sell stocks. That kind of precision-timing and savvy analysis is where Barita truly excels.

We don’t just track the future. We design it.  Let us design your wins today.

Barita, JSE and THE WORLD

Barita trades on the JSE, but we don’t stop there. We grant access to the stocks markets in Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago plus world FX markets.

Let’s talk. Connect with a broker or check out our market analyses online today.

Break into the Stock Market with Barita

Ready to start or accelerate your stock market game? Go with Barita.

We match your investment interests with investment access.

Know which stocks you want to go for? We make it happen.

Not sure where to begin? Let’s figure it out together.

Talk to a Barita broker today. Once we learn your investment interests and style, we’ll design your steps to stock market success.

Let’s Talk Funds

  • Serious About Stocks:
    Take the plunge with a J$100,000 initial investment for in-branch equity trading.
  • Trading Made Tailored:
    Subsequent trades fit neatly into your strategy at J$25,000 a pop.

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