Managed Funds

Dive into pooled funds

Independent investments or pooled: Barita knows there’s more than one way to wealth. We’ve mastered them all.

Whatever level investor you are, or whatever level you’re aiming for, get industry insight and investment access to grow your wealth fast.

Whether you’re experienced or just starting out, let Barita build your blueprint to wealth.

Let's Make Your Money Work For You

The Barita MoneyIQ Managed Funds Edge

Strong Investments

Your investments are amplified when they're combined with other investments into a single, larger pool of funds. This new, major investment allows you to invest in opportunities you might not have been able to access otherwise. That's the power of a Barita Managed Fund.

Strong Management

Barita MoneyIQ applies our in-depth market research and analysis to make the best decisions for your funds. We don't just manage your money, we grow your wealth. That's a win win that's hard to beat.

Strong Profits

Managed funds are gathered into a single, combined investment, so your Barita analysts can give them even closer attention to maximize profits.

Strong Opportunities

As an individual investor, you have great power. As part of an investment pool, your power multiplies, and you can instantly access large-scale investment opportunities not available to the single investor.

Strong Performance

Barita has led the market for over 40 years. When we say we make your money work for you, we mean it.

What Are Managed Funds?

Amplify your investments and unleash greater opportunities. Let Barita help. Our Managed Funds add your investments to a pool of funds from other investors to manage the combined contributions as a single fund. Also known as Unit Trust Funds or Mutual Funds, the combined investment offers greater opportunities and bigger payouts.

Barita MoneyIQ is how we navigate the market and win.

Our Managed Fund Products

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