Money Market Fund

Real Money. Secure & Steady.

Wealth doesn’t need a deadline. Barita’s Money Market Fund builds wealth no haste, no hassle.

MoneyIQ guides our mix of winning instruments. You earn higher interest than traditional savings account. Choose from short or long term options. Build your wealth with small, steady steps with Barita Money Market Fund.

What's In Barita’s Money Market Fund?

Simple. Secure. Sure.

  • Repurchase Agreements
  • Fixed Rate & Variable Rate Benchmark Notes
  • Global Bonds
  • Treasury Bills

Go for Barita’s Money Market Fund

Safe and solid. Your money is in good hands with Barita Money Market Fund. You'll see:

  • Risk-Free Investments

  • Higher interest than a savings account

  • Competitive Interest Rates- higher than Bank Rates

  • Secure Investments

  • Low-Risk opportunities to buy Government of Jamaica Securities

  • Tax-Free Benefits when you declare Long-Term Savings Account (LSAs)

Wealth the Barita Money Market Fund way

Money that grows safely and steadily. That’s the promise of the Barita Money Market Fund. We’ll prove how serious we are about putting your money to work for you. Let’s talk today.

Let's Make Your Money Work For You