Pension Fund Management

Big Plans Need Big Planners

You live a bold life. Why should retirement be any different? Get organized today to unlock your best possible tomorrow. Retirement has evolved. From investing in business, travel, a new home or just some quality down time, your retirement plans deserve the quality, customized roadmap that can only come from Barita.

Barita Investments Limited has an unbeatable track record of strategy, prudence and high- performance results. We’re ready to apply everything we know to growing the best possible retirement outcomes for you and your employees.

Barita Pension Fund Management: Gold Standard Team

Barita is a licensed securities and primary dealer, with one of the country’s top track records of excellence. We blend genuine care and genius strategies for world-class money making and management.

Barita has a global outlook. Our Fund Managers are accredited both locally and internationally for the highest standards of performance, ethics and transparency.

Barita Pension Fund Management: Gold Star Managers

Barita understands what goes into running a Pension Fund flawlessly. That’s why our Pension Fund Managers can guarantee:

  • Strategic Administration to ensure performance of the Fund is in line with Government of Jamaica regulations.
  • Legal advice in developing pension scheme documents.
  • Preparation of investment policy and financial statements.
  • Fund management and monitoring to generate real returns.
  • Reporting on administrative and investment functions to the Trustees and Regulators.
  • Custodian of all securities held on behalf of the Fund.
  • Access to actuarial valuations.
  • Professional Support
  • Guidance as you help your employees plan for a comfortable retirement.
  • Customized service to meet your specific needs.
  • Your Pension Fund managed by professional managers who strategize for the highest possible returns for your members.

Let’s start building today.