Capital Growth Fund

Mix it up. Watch it Grow.

Barita’s Capital Growth Fund is where money happens. Our Capital Growth Fund merges multiple money-making methods into a single, high-performing fund. Then Barita MoneyIQ lets our analysts design powerful portfolios of assets. We combine high-yield stocks and low-risk fixed income investments for optimum outcomes on minimum hassle.

Insight. Strategy. Smart Picks.

How our Capital Growth Fund wins

  • We’re Prudent

    We do not invest more than 10% of the portfolio in any one company.

  • We’re Practical

    We ensure that fixed investments account for no more than 50% of the fund.

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  • The First Step to Wealth:
    Embark on a Capital Growth adventure with a modest J$15,000 initial investment.
  • Consistency is Key:
    Keep feeding your fund with J$10,000 bites to grow your capital steadily.

Barita’s Capital Growth Fund: Invest in the Best.

Ready to accelerate your investments? You’re ready for Barita’s Capital Growth Fund. Let Barita show you what a powerhouse portfolio can do for your wealth today.

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over the last 3 years

*The change in the Net Asset Value (NAV) as at December 31st 2019 available to customers as at January 3rd 2020 when compared to the NAV as at December 24th 2018 available to customers up to December 31st 2018, represents a return of 44%. The NAV as at December 31st 2019 compared to the NAV as at December 31st 2018 reflected a return of  39%. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.