Income Portfolio

Income portfolio. Income Booster.

Pay yourself a little extra every month. Barita Unit Trust Income Portfolio pays out interest on your investment at regular intervals, while growing the principal.

Top up your monthly earnings. Get your income portfolio started today.

What's in Barita’s Income Portfolio?

  • Government paper
  • Corporate paper
  • Bank of Jamaica instruments
  • Preference Shares
  • Promissory Notes

Get this Portfolio. Get Paid.

Like money? Make a little extra without lifting a finger. Barita's Income Portfolio gives you:

  • Flexible Monthly Income

  • Interest drawn monthly to boost income

  • Guaranteed Future Income

  • A principal sum that keeps earning

  • Competitive Interest Rates

Build Your Barita Income Portfolio

You’re here to make money. We’re here to make your money work for you. Top rated instruments. Precision timing trades. Industry insight. Technology. A Barita Income Portfolio pays. Start yours today.

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