One on One | IPO Analysis


To value One on One Education, we employed a Justified P/E valuation approach. Our Justified P/E multiple was utilized by applying
a cost of equity of 16.24% and a long-term growth rate of 11.55%, which resulted in a P/E multiple of 21.31x. This multiple
coupled with an expected FY2023 earnings per share output of $0.07 for FY 2023 resulted in a price target of $1.58. The
company expects to see continuous growth from its product offerings, and though coming to market as a fair value (trailing P/E of
20.49x) relative to the Junior Market Average ( P/E of 20.77x excluding outliers), we believe the company is attractively priced
taking into consideration its future growth plans. Against this backdrop we recommend investors PARTICIPATE in this offer.

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