Sygnus Credit Investments Limited | Equity Analysis

Valuation and Recommendation

To arrive at our price target for SCI, a Justified Price to Earnings (P/E) Model was used. Our estimate for the 2023 Financial year-end EPS, considering the recovery of earnings as a result of the contribution of the Puerto Rico Credit Fund as well as a lower impairment charge given the charge-off of one portfolio company in the prior year-end, amounted to $1.81. To arrive at a discount rate, we utilized the capital asset pricing model (CAPM), which resulted in an outturn of 11.91%. The long-term growth rate was estimated at 2.00%, in line with the Federal Reserve’s long-term inflation target, which we believe to be conservative for a US dollar- denominated operation of this nature. Using these inputs, a justified P/E ratio of 10.09x was derived, resulting in a price target of $18.21, representing a 38.80% upside from the last closing price of $13.23. The company currently trades at a trailing P/E multiple of 9.30x, below the average of 15.12x for other financial stocks listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange. The company based on its current market price along with our target EPS produces a forward P/E of 7.33x. Given the factors above, we recommend investors OVERWEIGHT SCI in their portfolio.

Last Close Price J$13.23
52 Week High J$16.81
52 Week Low J$16.00
52 Week High J$11.82
Trailing P/E 14.83x
YTD Return 0.59%
Target Price 18.21
Potential Return 37.63%
Trailing P\E 9.30x
Trailing P\B 0.75x
Forward P\E 7.33x
Dividend Yield (TTM) 1.17%
Total Projected Return 38.80%
Recommendation OVERWEIGHT

as at January 18, 2023

Sygnus Credit Investments Limited | Equity Analysis

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