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1 years

Barita’s Capital Growth Fund


Compared To

Savings account

Under mattress


The return illustrated in the above based on your expected investment goals are not guaranteed as they are based on past performance of both assets and past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. The annual return of the Capital Growth Fund in the illustration is 34.88% which reflects the compound average annual return of the Fund between September 30th 2016 and September 30th 2019. The return illustrated for the Savings Account is 1.74% which was the Government of Jamaica’s 90 Day Treasury Bill Rate as at September 11th 2019. If you have any questions regarding the above or require advice or further information please consult your broker or investment advisor.

Management Changes & Updates

The Board of Barita Investments Limited (Barita) has advised that Mr. Ian McNaughton, Managing Director and Company Secretary of Barita has resigned from the company effective December 24, 2019 to pursue other interests. A part of the succession planning for the Group, Ms. Paula Barclay, was appointed to the position of General Manager of Barita in early 2019 and will now assume the leadership of Barita’s operations.

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